Interest in our expedition has really taken us by surprise and we want to thank you.

When we initially set out to do this we wanted to simply cycle from the most Northern Point of Europe to the most Southern setting out a new official route as we could find very little to help and guide us. We wanted to build a website that would work as an official guide to help others and for us to report our training, our route, give product reviews and keep family, friends and sponsors up-to-date. We thought it would be great to raise money for a local charity and picked St Wilfrid's as they had helped and looked after my family in their time of need and from this seed the website and our profile has grown. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people offering up their own valuable free time to collect and seek sponsorship and aide us in whatever we need.

We are now seeking businesses and local help to supply us with some of the items still needed for our expedition in exchange for advertising, product reviews and mentions as well as looking for sponsorship for St Wilfrid's Hospice through the 'DONATE PLEASE BUTTON' link on our website, helping to raise everyone's profile in what is set to be an exciting and much talked about expedition.

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