Blakes Belles

Cycle Power Talk at Felpham Sailing Club.

On Tuesday 16th April I was invited to The Blake Belles at Felpham Sailing Club to talk about Cycle Power, cycling and my epic 4000 mile trip. It was great to be there as they were celebrating their first birthday as a new generation social and craft group for Felpham and surrounding areas.

The Blake Belles' appeals to 'new generation' women – it's not about age, just about attitude! The vision is to be a mix of arts and crafts, social events, education and adventure for women of all ages and it was great to see their interest in my story.

Initially I felt quite nervous but relaxed after tea and cake and started the talk by talking about local routes and then moved onto St Wifrid's Hospice, cycling Land's End to John O'Groats and a 'typical day' to the latest challenge set to start then in 45 days.

The group was so very friendly and welcoming and put me at ease with an array of questions about my bike and how I got into cycling and why?? To what do I eat? How do I plan? How did I loose weight? What do I carry? At this point my panniers were opened and a organised medley spread across the floor of sleeping bag, perma mat, cooker and pots. I'm sure most people gasped at the thought of cooking on such a little cooker in such a tiny pot as everyone seemed to be quite accomplished bakers and cake makers!!

Then the spread got bigger with clothes, ipad, power monkey, inner tubes, bike parts, first aid and more, there really is something quite liberating about carrying your whole life on your bicycle. There was another speaker called Heather who talked about Flower Power and Ikebana. An artform in itself that helps people focus and appreciate things in nature that are often overlooked because of their busy lives. Heather's beautiful arrangement and other items were raffled off in aid of St Wilfrid's Hospice.

It was a great, light hearted evening and Kathryn who organises the charity group is an inspiration to us all. Thank you The Blake Belles and I'd love to come back and share my adventure with you all. If anyone is interested with me coming to you to share my story with your group please contact me.