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Introduction to Finland

Mainland Scandinavia's most culturally isolated and least understood country, Finland has been independent only since 1917, having been ruled for hundreds of years by imperial powers: first the Swedes and then the tsarist Russians. Much of its history involves a struggle simply for recognition and survival.


Topographically, Finland is mainly flat, and filled by huge forests and lakes – you'll need to travel around a lot to appreciate the country's wide regional variations. The south contains the least dramatic scenery, but the capital, Helsinki, more than compensates, with its brilliant architecture and superb museum collections. Stretching from the Russian border in the east to the industrial city of Tampere, the water systems of the Lake Region provide a natural means of transport for the timber industry – indeed, water here is a more common sight than land.

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Route through Finland

Our route through this area may change at any notice, and at this point is only shown as a rough guide to our direction, upon completion of this stage there will be a more comprehensive guide available to view.

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Expedition Diary

We are currently shifting our way through tons of images, bits of coffee stained scrap paper, video footage, soggy maps and more...So please bare with us while we put it all together to make some meaningful journal out of it!


Images taken from our trip across Europe on bike.

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