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Introduction to Germany

Though it remains far less well known or understood by outsiders than some of its neighbours, since reunification Germany has gained a higher profile as a travel destination, thanks in no small part to the remarkable resurgence of Berlin, one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in Europe. But the appeal of the reunified Germany is by no means limited to the capital. When legions of football fans descended on the country for the 2006 World Cup, they discovered a friendly, multi-ethnic and multicultural nation that was at ease with itself, happy to fly its own flag in a harmless display of national pride.


One of the delights of Germany for the independent traveller is that – a few hotspots aside – the summer visitor crush is rarely oppressive. Though Germany is highly urbanized, you're never far from a woodland footpath, a pristine lake or a challenging bike trail. That said, for many visitors one of Germany's cities will be their first taste of the country. The capital, Berlin, is a genuinely exciting place, a metropolis on fast-forward as it grows into its rediscovered role as the nation's capital while preserving evidence of its decisive – and not always happy – role in European history.

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Route through Germany

Our route through this area may change at any notice, and at this point is only shown as a rough guide to our direction, upon completion of this stage there will be a more comprehensive guide available to view.

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Expedition Diary

We are currently shifting our way through tons of images, bits of coffee stained scrap paper, video footage, soggy maps and more...So please bare with us while we put it all together to make some meaningful journal out of it!


Images taken from our trip across Europe on bike.

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