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Introduction to Norway

In many ways Norway is still a land of unknowns. Quiet for a thousand years since the Vikings stamped their distinctive mark on Europe, the country often seems more than just geographically distant even today. Beyond Oslo and the famous fjords, the rest of Norway might as well be blank for all many visitors know – and, in a manner of speaking, large parts of it are: vast stretches in the north and east are sparsely populated and starkly vegetated, and it is, at times, possible to travel for hours without seeing a soul.


Despite this isolation, Norway has had a pervasive influence on the world outside. Traditionally its inhabitants were explorers, from the Vikings – the first Europeans to reach Greenland and North America – to more recent figures like Amundsen, Nansen and Heyerdahl. And Norse traditions are common to many other isolated fishing communities, not least northwest Scotland and the Shetlands. At home, too, the Norwegian people have striven to escape the charge of national provincialism, touting the disproportionate number of acclaimed artists, writers and musicians (most notably Munch, Ibsen and Grieg) who have made their mark on the wider European scene. It's also a pleasing discovery that the great outdoors – great though it is – also harbours some lively historic towns.

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Expedition Diary

We are currently shifting our way through tons of images, bits of coffee stained scrap paper, video footage, soggy maps and more...So please bare with us while we put it all together to make some meaningful journal out of it!


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