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Introduction to Switzerland

Despite being one of the most visited countries in Europe, Switzerland remains one of the least understood. Faced by an ever-increasing onslaught of visitors, the Swiss are content to abide by a quaint stereotype that's easily packaged and sold – the familiar Alpine idyll of cheese and chocolate, Heidi and the Matterhorn – while keeping the best bits for themselves. Come for a "Lakes and Mountains" package, a week of skiing, or a city-break, and you'll get all the pristine beauty, genteel calm and well-oiled efficiency of the Switzerland the locals deem suitable for public consumption. The other Switzerland – the one the Swiss inhabit – needs time and patience to winkle out of its shell, but can be an infinitely more rewarding place to explore.

Within this rugged environment, community spirit is perhaps stronger than anywhere else in Europe. Since the country is not an ethnic, linguistic or religious unity, it has survived – so the Swiss are fond of saying – simply through the will of its people to resolve their differences. Although Swiss people value their shared Swissness above all, they also cherish their own home-town identity and their differences from their neighbours. Tensions exist between the four language communities, as they do between Catholic and Protestant, or between urban and rural areas, while regional characteristics remain sharply defined and diverse.

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Route through Switzerland

Our route through this area may change at any notice, and at this point is only shown as a rough guide to our direction, upon completion of this stage there will be a more comprehensive guide available to view.

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Expedition Diary

We are currently shifting our way through tons of images, bits of coffee stained scrap paper, video footage, soggy maps and more...So please bare with us while we put it all together to make some meaningful journal out of it!


Images taken from our trip across Europe on bike.

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